So what makes Hummingbird Automotive the trusted source to purchase your DS3 from?

As you would expect we put our customers first and always strive to achieve the highest levels of professionalism and customer service. However in addition to this and what stands us apart, helping us to provide you with the best DS3 for your requirements, is our unique combination of the following:


We deal in the DS3 from Citroen / DS Automobiles and nothing else. Every week we search for, find, evaluate, buy, repair, improve and sell DS3s. “Practice makes perfect” as they say, so we should be pretty good at what we do!

By focusing on just one model of car we have developed the expertise to source and supply customers with better DS3s for their budget than non-specialist dealers who stock multiple makes and models. So with Hummingbird Automotive you get a whole lot more car for your money.

Another benefit of our specialisation is that we maintain a good range of DS3s in stock, with models of different ages, mileages, specifications and colours. This gives customers more choice and convenience by providing them with the opportunity to compare different versions of DS3 all in one place.

Value for Money

Hummingbird Automotive Ltd does not opperate from expensive 'high profile' or 'high footfall' commercial premises. We are a small company working from relatively modest premises in two locations; Grayshott in Hampshire and Guildford in Surrey. As a result our overheads are relatively low which means we can offer exceptional cars at superb prices giving our customers great value for money.

Your Peace of Mind

We have found that warranties from the market leading provider Warrantywise™ are head and shoulders above the rest, especially for the DS3. So you will see that the price of every car on our web site includes a 3 month warranty from Warrantywise™ whose warranties are designed and evolved by the award winning motoring journalist and consumer champion Quentin Willson.

Founded over 17 years ago Warrantywise™ provide warranties for many of the largest and most prestigious car dealership networks in the UK. Since then the company has received celebrity endorsements, won industry accolades and awards incuding 'Recommended' by Auto Express magazine and 'Car Warranty Company of the Year' by the Automotive Data Awards.

If required, we can also offer higher and/or longer levels of warranty cover to customers wanting even greater peace of mind.